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From Flores MBA to Strategic Success

Management consulting is an ever-changing industry that shifts as the needs of clients shift, pulling in multiple disciplines to help organizations solve a variety of issues. In fact, the industry is expected to grow by 14% in 2023, more than double the national average. Management consulting is also one of the many specializations offered through the full-time and one-year tracks in the Flores MBA Program, preparing students to tackle a full range of challenges that businesses face and offer so

The Sky’s the Limit with a Flores MBA

How Brad Petit took his HR career with Southwest Airlines to new heights.

Grabbing the attention of a recruiter can often prove to be a powerful networking tool during a job search. While many focus on getting a recruiter's eye, increasingly, some jobseekers look to become recruiters themselves. Human Resources roles are projected to grow 8% in the next ten years, outpacing the national average. Additionally, a study in 2022 found that 8 in 10 employers have elevated hiring from a priority to a

From Player to Professional: How Flores MBA Student-Athletes Balance Academics and Athletics

In a post-pandemic world, many collegiate student-athletes found themselves with extra years of athletic eligibility upon completing their undergraduate degrees. In light of this new opportunity, the Flores MBA Program’s one-year and full-time tracks have emerged as popular options for student-athletes to further their education while continuing to play sports at the collegiate level.

Geauxing Out on Your Own: A Conversation with Creative Entrepreneur and Flores MBA Alum Eric Garcia

Whenever you come across a graduate portrait, wedding photo, or professional headshot in the Baton Rouge area, there is a chance that Eric Garcia, owner of Geauxgarcia Photography, took it. Although he’s best known for his work in the Baton Rouge metro area, you can often find him taking shots all over the Gulf Coast, doing his favorite thing: capturing his clients on some of their best days.

Student Leadership Is Crucial To The Health Of The University, Especially In A Pandemic — Tough To Say

In my journey, I did not see it at first, and I am glad I did not. It took someone taking a chance on me to realize that this need for service was bigger than myself, and I needed a strong group of leaders around me to make the impact I wanted. That is where my desire to lead was born and has resided ever since, but it is not that straightforward.

This past year has been the most I have ever been tested as a student leader. As soon as the pandemic rolled in last spring, I felt an immense sense